Draught Beer Now Available at Community Events

Beer on tap! This is the first step on the road towards a professional bar at the community centre which will be available for all events. We have invested in draught beer equipment and will now serve draught beer at all community events.

The aim is to serve beer from UK based craft breweries at affordable prices.

Redchurch Award Winning Lager

Characteristic hints of British malt with a grassy aroma. German and American hops complement each other and work with the sweetness of the malt base to provide a refreshing, clean and exceptionally well-balanced beer.

Currently Selling at £3.50 a pint

Redchurch Paradise IPA

The moderate alcohol content is supported by a strong malt base with added oats for a fuller body. The bouquet is explosive with zesty fresh lime, tropical fruits and citrus making this beer fresh, easy-drinking and complex in equal measure.

Currently Selling at £3.50 a pint